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There are 2 maps avaliable for this game type!

Author(s): *IRL*
Type(s): TKOTH, DM, TDM
EvoSoft Rating: Not rated
Visitor Rating:  
Downloads: 774 ~ [Download Now!]
0 People 9 Vehicles/Objects 486 Buildings/Decorations 16 Markers 0 Area Triggers Ideal for 10-40 players.

razor bowl
Author(s): peregrine falcon
Type(s): TKOTH, DM, TDM, FB/Razorball
EvoSoft Rating:
Visitor Rating:  
Downloads: 1114 ~ [Download Now!]
(Zip also contains CTF version)Originally designed to put a new twist on razorball. Map is a 115M enclosed bowl shape with custom bridges connecting spawns to PSPs, the bridges rest on a custom tower, custom tunnels/passages connect spawns and map center to PSPs. There are destroyable walls blocking tunnels I set these to explode after 5 minutes for those server that have weapon restrict. Plays well for 4-24 players fuller servers may experience lag.(recently revised to reduce lag so it may play more players) TDM MIS included feel free to edit map to fit server needs IE. change spawns PSPs event(destroy wall) add cover etc(To prevent lag I recommend keeping the addition of cover to a minimum). Map is layered so you can easily copy custom bridge, or tower for another map





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